„Humble Leadership“ Conference Review/ Konferenz Rückblick

At the occasion of our most successful conference „Humble Leadership“ with HWZ and Trias Institute on the 23rd of May 2017 in Zurich,  Edgar H. Schein participated live in a keynote from California.


Thanks to Ed and his son Peter Schein for the present and future collaboration.

Besides the break out groups with Karin Vey (IBM), Antoinette Weibel, Prof HSG, Sybille Sachs, Prof. HWZ and Guy Kempfert (Straumann)



the second highlight was the history keynote of Dr. Daniel Schmid (HWZ, head of academy) about

„The journey to TRSTNA“, an exclusive history piece about the Schein family in Switzerland, and their stations of the emigration.



HWZ and Trias are following up with a workshop on „Humble Leadership“ with Gerhard Fatzer

on the 25th and 26th of October 2017 in Zurich.


Gerhard Fatzer is the longtime cooperating Partner of Ed Schein and his son, editor of the book series „EHP Organisation“ , with all the German titles of Ed Schein and a lot of American OD classics, and the co editor with Ed Schein of the journal „Profile“ (a daughter journal of „Reflections“ of Peter Senge and M.I.T.). He is now joining with HWZ Dr. Daniel Schmid to form a unique cooperation to bring the best of American OD into Switzerland and the German speaking countries.

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