Anne Fanenbruck

Co-leader Master Class, group coach, book editor and author

Anne Fanenbruck will support the staff with her expertise in the areas of leadership and change. As Managing Director of AESOP-Consulting GmbH, she is an established independent consultant and therapist. After studying social sciences, German as a foreign language, Italian studies and Dutch studies, she worked as a manager for the City of Leipzig. With her leadership and administrative experience, as well as her work as a Gestalt therapist, Systemic Structural Constellation (SySt) and psychodrama, she accompanies executives, teams and organizations in special situations of transformation. She is a valued keynote speaker at many conferences. Her focus is on making processes of cultural development and corporate communication visible. She thus opens up ways to make learning and development opportunities tangible and to develop them successfully. In coaching, she enables managers to come into contact with internal and external process participants and to create a relationship culture characterized by mindfulness and humility. Her work opens up spaces for development and the unexpected and makes it possible to experience effectiveness through individual and collective learning. The indispensable sovereignty of the individual is further developed and strengthened through feedback, reflection and irritation. Together with Gerhard Fatzer, she is the editor of the Ed Schein memorial volume “Organizational Development as Art” (Psychosozial 2024).