Constantin Peer

Speaker, case and group coach

Constantin Peer has been working internationally as a dialog expert and executive coach for 30 years. He is the founder of Peer Communication AG and works with executives, management boards and boards of directors and is also involved in various management training courses (e.g. ZfU core faculty). Among other things, he was a licensed consultant for “Negation and Mediation” of the Harvard Negociation Project. 

“In my 30 years of working with people and organizations in various countries, the “PEER Dialogue” has emerged, a new culture of discussion and meetings. It supports the joint struggle for the best possible solution and overcomes the one-sided assertion of one’s own point of view, one’s own interests or the suboptimal compromise. 
Collective intelligence and diversity are optimally utilized and all key perspectives are taken into account. In an international or intercultural setting (i.e. also between different organizational or divisional cultures), the discussion and meeting culture must be adapted flexibly. For example, by taking into account hierarchical differences, the importance of the factual or relationship level or risk avoidance. Compared to conventional forms, this communication approach represents a quantum leap in terms of better decisions, results and relationships.

 In the Trias Masterclass, C. Peer will contribute his extensive experience in supporting managers, teams and companies. He has already participated in the “Trias in Boston” program.