Dr. Otto Scharmer


Claus Otto Scharmer (born 1961) is a Senior Lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the “Thousand Talents Program Professor” at Tsinghua University in Beijing, co-founder of the “Presencing Institute” in Boston. He runs the M.I.T IDEAS program for innovation, which helps leaders from business, government and civil society to innovate at the system level. Otto Scharmer is the author of the change approach and the book “Theory U”, he is co-author of the book “In die Zukunft fuehren”, which identifies “eight acupuncture points for the transformation of capitalism”. Otto Scharmer has worked with our staff within the Trias in Boston program since 2001. He has also participated in Trias’ interview series. Alongside Peter Senge, Ed Schein is one of Otto Scharmer’s mentors. Theory U builds on these foundations. He has already taught his “Theory U” for the Trias network in Switzerland in 2000 and 2002 and published many articles in the magazine “Profile”. The Trias Masterclass group will participate in a sequence of his seminars in Boston or Berlin at the PI. This is self-organized. Otto Scharmer can also join virtually.