Dr. Sabina Schoefer

Co-director (conceptual)

Program co-leader at TRIAS since 2005 (until 2011). Accompanied executive programs and long-term “High Potential” programs in international companies in a consulting firm in Hamburg (Fischer Group International) for 7 years, where she was Senior Coach and Scientific Director (2004 to 2011). Accompanied and implemented large-scale transformation processes in the automotive and pharmaceutical industries. OE training at Trias and in the Trias USA program. Specialized in preferred futuring and large cultural development programs in DAX companies. Studied Slavic studies and sociology. Director of the Volkshochschule Bremen (2011 to 2020). As Con Rector, she is now responsible for the digitization of the Bremen University of Applied Sciences (HSB). She is a member of the editorial board of “Profile” and “EHP Organization”. Various publications on organizational development, leadership and preferred futuring. Teaches leadership, preferred futuring, large-scale innovation projects and dialog in the Trias Masterclass. Co-lead of the programs.