Dr. Sylvia Boecker

Co-leader (conceptual)

Consultant training in supervision at IHP in Aachen.kon OE and coaching consultant training at Trias. Since 2000 program manager at TRIAS (until the foundation of Direct Tech). Head of a consulting firm (CSPC Beratung, Moers) with projects in the corporate and healthcare sectors. Member of the management board and founder of Direct Tech in Moers (from 2008). Studied sports science and health, later wrote her dissertation at the University of Brno on “Applying David Kantor’s models to the energy sector”. Program leader of Trias training groups, teaching supervisor. Training at Trias Germany and Trias in Boston. Member of the editorial and advisory board of the magazine “Profile”. Co-founder of the magazine. Teaches in the Trias Masterclass in the areas of leadership, hero types, David Kantor’s approaches, team development and dialog, intercultural mediation. Conceptual co-leader.