Prof. Michael Giesecke

Advisory Board

Vita for the Advisory Board Prof. Dr. phil. habil. Michael Giesecke retired. Professorships in sociology of language (H2), history of language, communication studies in horticulture (C3), literature and communication studies (C4). Transdisciplinary research projects (selection) on the history of concepts (R. Koselleck), organizational communication (N. Luhmann), supervision and balint groups (D. Eicke), therapy (A. Heigl-Evers), book printing in the early modern period (habilitation thesis), dance (Vienna, Tanzwoche), comparative cultural media history (Japan, S. Yukawa), digital media art (Heibach, Birringer, Wechsler), literary and photographic aesthetics as well as media-historical trend research on the transition from book culture to the information society. Further training in various counseling formats and group dynamic training as well as work under supervision. Continuous work on a post-typographic epistemology under the umbrella term New Triadic ThinkingĀ® (NTDĀ®) and a triadic theory of practice. Development and testing of a curriculum (MA) for teaching key communication skills to engineers and scientists.;