Prof. Sonja Sackmann

Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Trias Institute, Emeritus Chair of BW University of Munich

Prof. Sonja Sackmann is a visiting professor at the School of Economics and Business Administration, University of Tartu, Estonia. She held the Chair of Work and Organizational Psychology at the University of the Federal Armed Forces in Munich and was on the board of the Institute for the Development of Sustainable Organizations and the Research Center for Strategy, Leadership, Corporate Culture and Human Resource Management. She continues to teach there today, as well as at other universities.

As an active member of the Academy of Management, she was on the Executive Board of the Organizational Development and Change Division. She has also taught at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, Jiao-Tong University Shanghai, EBS, RWTH Aachen with visiting professorships at the Graduate School of Management UCLA, USA and the University of Konstanz.

She received her Ph.D. in Management from the Graduate School of Management UCLA, where she taught and researched for several years, and her Diploma in Psychology from the University of Heidelberg after additional studies in Marburg, Los Angeles and New York.

Prof. Sackmann was Development and Project Manager and Managing Partner at the MZSG Management Zentrum St. Gallen (now Malik MZSG). She has designed and implemented management and executive development programmes for many national and international organizations, coached executives and carried out culture change and organizational development projects.
Gerhard Fatzer and Sonja Sackmann worked together at UCLA. They later offered and accompanied MZSG/Trias training courses in OE together. They also worked on joint OE projects (e.g. Ford). In this context, they created the famous change curve (see Fatzer OE for the future 1993).