Professor Edgar H. Schein (†26.01.2023)

Long-time mentor and speaker. Honorary Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board

Born in Zurich in 1928, died in Palo Alto in 2023. His father was a physics professor at the University of Zurich. Emigrated with his family to Odessa, returned to Switzerland, emigrated to Chicago, where he met all the important psychologists and sociologists at the University of Chicago. Doctorate in social psychology and anthropology at Harvard. Considered a co-founder of organizational development. Student of Dick Beckhard, Douglas Mc Gregor. Began teaching at M.I.T. Sloan School in 1956 (until 1990) Published groundbreaking books that have been translated into all languages. Mentor of the “Trias in Boston Program”, keynote speaker at the two Trias conferences “Transition and Transformation” (2006) and “Leadership and Transformation” (2009), also at the IBM Trias conferences (2011 “Inspiration and Organization”, 2013 and 2014 “Humble Inquiry”). Also at the 2017 conference with HWZ (“Humble Leadership”) Long-time mentor and companion of Trias. All German-language books published by “EHP Organization”. Advisor and consultant to governments and companies around the world. Cooperation partner of Trias via the “Organization Studies Group” at M.I.T. with Peter Senge (SOL), Otto Scharmer (Presencing Institute) and John van Maanen. On his 90th birthday, the thematic volume “Ed Schein:The Spirit of Inquiry” was published, ed. Gerhard Fatzer, John Van Maanen, Daniel C. Schmid and Wolfgang G. Weber (2019 Innsbruck University Press) Together with his son Peter Schein, founded the “OCLI” in Palo Alto (Organization Culture and Leadership Institute). (2016). Publisher of groundbreaking books such as “Humble Leadership”, “Humble Inquiry” and “Humble Consulting”, also “Leadership and Organization Culture” (5th Edition). Edgar H. Schein, together with his son Peter Schein, will give online keynotes in the Trias Masterclass on all his special topics and also engage in dialogues with the group, as we have done very successfully in our numerous conferences. In his honor, we are holding a conference in Vienna together with his son. In the autumn, he will join us as a keynote speaker to honor Edgar Schein. In addition, our joint volume “Change as Art” (ed. GF and Anne Fanenbruck) will be published posthumously (Psychosozial 2024). Edgar H. Schein was a member of the wiss. Advisory Board and is now its Honorary Chairman.
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