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“OD as art”: Trias Conference in Honor of Edgar H. Schein

Location: Zurich Date: 5th of March 2024 Keynote Speaker(ang. Peter Schein, ang. Claus Otto Scharmer) Daniel C. Schmid Workshops and Dialogue Pre Registration: or

The Trias Network, together with various cooperation partners, has a long tradition of conferences that have been held at regular intervals: Most excerpts are published by EHP Organization or in the journal “Profile”

Trias Institute and Network has a long tradition of hosting international Trias Conferences, together with different cooperating partners (IBM Reasearch, ETH Zurich, Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute, Hochschule für Wirtschaft Zurich (Univ. of Applied Business) (Daniel C. Schmid). We show some excerpts in form of Videos (also on the Trias channel of you tube) Mostly it is published in our” EHP Organization” book series or in our journal “Profile”

An absolute USP of our Trias Masterclass is certainly that our institute and network is connected with three outstanding networks at M.I.T.. Above all, in the person of our long-time mentor Edgar H. Schein and his son Peter Schein, including John Van Maanen from the Organization Studies Group, Otto Scharmer with his MIT. u Hub and his Presencing Institute and Peter Senge with the Society of Organizational Learning (SOL), we have cooperation partners who can be easily connected in the form of streaming. Otto and Peter can also be live with our group, or our Masterclass group can take part in events organized by the Presencing Institute or SOL in Boston.
Life streaming is complemented by a large number of exclusive educational films that we have recorded over the years with all our external partners such as Ed Schein, Larry Lippitt, Fred Massarik and Carolyn Lukensmeyer.

Last congress 06.06.2023

Leadership and culture
Future perspective with FH Vienna/Trias: with Gerhard Fatzer and Anne Fanenbruck.
Conference in honor of Ed Schein

2006 Transition and Transformation

*With ETH and Trias and Technopark

Keynotes and Workshops :
Edgar H. Schein “The four faces of Leadership”
Book and video, EHP: Leadership and Change Management : Edgar Schein, Gerhard Fatzer

Fred Massarik (UCLA) “The journey of Life”
Video, available from Trias©

Carolyn Lukensmeyer (America Speaks)
Democracy and Large Groups
Video, available from Trias©

2009 Transformation and Leadership

With GDI and Frischer Wind

Edgar H. Schein “Transformation and Leadership”
Video, available from Trias©

Barbara Kellerman (Kennedy School of Government, Harvard)
Video ©Bad Leadership: Leaders and Followers

2011 Inspiration and Organisation

With IBM Research, Rüschlikon

Larry Lippitt
Preferred Futuring and the History of Group Dynamics
Video available from Trias©

Edgar H. Schein: Humble Inquiry
Video © Trias

2013 Humble Inquiry

With IBM Research Rüschlikon

Edgar H. Schein

Process consulting, humble questioning.
Long video, ©Trias

Culture concepts and new developments.

2014 Humble Inquiry

With IBM Research, Rueschlikon

Humble Inquiry : General Introduction
by Ed Schein
Long Video ©Trias

Humble Inquiry for Teams

Humble Inquiry for Organisations
two long videos ©Trias

Discussion with Ed Schein and two half groups
two long videos ©Trias

2017 Humble Leadership


2024 "Ed Schein: The Spirit of Inquiry" Frühling 2024

Anniversary conference 30 years Trias Institute
Zurich, spring 2024, 13.30 to 19.00
(Location: Riverside, Zurich)

With Trias /HWZ and M.I.T.

Otto Scharmer, M.I.T. Sloan , Presencing Institute
HUMBLE leadership: a perspective from Theory U”
or/or: Barbara Kellerman (Harvard University) “Bad Leadership and Bad Followership”

Gerhard Fatzer /Daniel C. Schmid : Detailprogramm auf dem Flyer/Details on the flyer

19 to 20 h: Edgar H. Schein, M.I.T. Sloan (live streaming)
“The Spirit of Inquiry”

Also published the books:
Gerhard Fatzer, John Van Maanen, Daniel C. Schmid, Wolfgang G. Weber: “Ed Schein: The Spirit of Inquiry
University of Innsbruck Press. 2019

Gerhard Fatzer, Daniel C. Schmid “Art of Change” Psychosozial Verlag.

(Video from 2017 conference)

2020 und 2021 Virtuelle Workshop mit Ed und Peter Schein "Humble Leadership and culture"


2020 November: Gerhard Fatzer "Führung und Zukunft der OE" Agiler Abend Uni Salzburg, Herbert Gölzner


Zum 90. Geburtstag von Edgar H. Schein: Ein Gespräch zu Edgar Schein: The Spirit of Inquiry

The 90th birthday of Edgar H. Schein was celebrated in 2018, through interviews and a conference with the HWZ,
where Otto Scharmer from M.I.T. gave the keynote “Edgar H. Schein: The Spirit of Inquiry, Gerhard Fatzer “Career of Edgar Schein”

Daniel Schmid (HWZ) Humble Inquiry: The trip to TRSTNA
Workshops and live keynote Edgar H. Schein (Palo Alto)
Digital Transformation and the Spirit of Inquiry”

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