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Our Media part shows pictures from over 30 years of Trias Institute: From the Trias conferences to projects in China, India, Vietnam and in Africa: Morocco and Guinee. It also shows excerpts from our work as Visiting Professor in Innsbruck, from our “Trias in Boston” Seminars and from our “Re invention” in Ticino. Enjoy!

2022 Keynote in Salzburg "Organizational development revisited"

2021 Cooperation with Ed Schein and Salzburg: 3rd Agile Evening Ed and Peter Schein "Leadership, culture and agile organization"

2020 "Humble Leadership and Organizational Development" 2nd Agile Evening with Gerhard Fatzer

2017 "Facebook naive" video interview with HypoBank Marc Fischer and Marc Böhler

Konferenz 2006 "Transition and Transformation"Dies war die erste Internationale Trias Konferenz mit Ed Schein, Fred Massarik, Carolyn Lukensmeyer

Trias Conference 2009 "Leadership and Transformation" Ed Schein, Barbara Kellerman, Rudolf Wimmer

Trias Konferenz 2013, with IBM Research and Ed Schein

China Project with the University of St. Gallen, Beijing Workshops "Culture Career and Leadership" 2014

University of Innsbruck: Workshops with Mouna Läderach (since 2002 until 2022)

Conference University of Innsbruck 2012

India: Thapar University, Dr. Padkumar Nair, "Culture, Career and Leadership" 2015


Vietnam GIZ Hanoi, Workshop Manila 2015


Interviews with Trivadis, diverse

Der gestiefelte Kater : Study of Theory U

Keynote Artop Berlin: "Transformation and exhaustion in the organization" 2014


Trias Konferenzen/Trias conferences: Flyers


Profile" magazine, all the issues, overview (2002 to date)Zeitschrift "Profile", all the issues, Uebersicht (2002 bis heute)


GTZ Projects : Morocco : Centre de Canne de Sucre, Kenitra (1985 bis 2000) , Guinea: Centre du Dev. rurale : Seminar in Kissidougou (mit Franck Wolff) 1996


2014 Conference with Ed Schein: Humble Leadership (with IBM Research)