Peter Schein

Peter Schein is a strategy consultant in Silicon Valley and is the cofounder of the Organizational Culture and Leadership Institute ( Peter’s writing draws on over thirty years of industry experience in product marketing and corporate development at technology pioneers including Pacific Bell, Apple, Silicon Graphics, Inc., Packeteer (BlueCoat) and Sun Microsystems. Inc. (Oracle), with a focus on the underlying organizational culture challenges that growth engenders in innovation-driven enterprises.
He is co-author of six books with Ed Schein including Organizational Culture and Leadership 5th Edition (2017), Humble Leadership (2018), The Corporate Culture Survival guide, 3rd Edition, Humble Inquiry 2nd Edition (2021), the upcoming release of Career Anchors Reimagined (2023), and the second edition and thoroughly revised Humble Leadership (2023).
Peter was educated at Stanford University (BA Social Anthropology, Honors and Distinction) and Northwestern University (Kellogg MBA, Marketing and Information Management, Top Student in Information Management), and the USC Marshall School of Business Center For Effective Organizations (HCEO Certificate, 2017).